Our Vehicles

Ultimately our volumetric lorries are mobile batching plants with segregated sand,stone,cement and water compartments; capable of batching different strengths, grades and volumes of concrete ( including screed and mortar )

Our fleet of vehicles allows our clients to leave important calculations to us. Using our onboard automated computer systems we are able to supply your concrete/screed to your (job specific requirements )on site ,leaving last minute changes in specifications/quantities available at any point of the supply process.


Our vehicles

are equipt with modern add mixture tanks, capable of auto supplying concrete mixes with

  • FIBRES: to increase strength and durability
  • RETARDER to slow the rate concrete sets/cures and improve workability.
  • PLASTICIZER: Reduces the water / cement ratio, ultimately allowing theĀ  concrete strength to be increased
  • AIR RETRAINER: Increases the freeze/thaw durability of concrete and resistance to wetting/drying cycles
  • ACCELERATOR: Reduces the setting time of concrete allowing concrete to be poured in cold conditionsDependant on specific requirements

Quantities Available:

Our vehicles have the ability to provide volumes from 0.1m3 to 10m3 ( cubic metres ) on any one vehicle.
With our fleet of volumetric lorries and pump hire ,larger quantities are readily available.

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